More than products, real bearers of value.

Different in design, materials and in their impact.
IIdentical in their capacity of expressing the values of the different brands.

Carbon fiber, carbon titanium used alone or in surprising combinations as, for example, wood. Innovation is in everty choice.

Resistance, lightness, un-deformability: 100% functionality for performance and comfort.

Fashion-mood, up-to-day-design and new colors. “Appearing” becomes “being”.

The raw material by definition becomes a unique, personal, living accessory. Naturally elegant object, it arouses ancient and deep feelings.

Lightness, resistance and flexibility meet in a texture from which obtaining multiple applications and shapes. Practically, the ultimate frontier in the carbon fiber frames.

Acetate in the HaD collection come from “Mazzucchelli 1849”, worldwide leader and most qualified partner of fashion designers and worldwide-famous brands.

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