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The new collection was born from the partnership between MOMODESIGN and the exclusive worldwide franchisee of the brand, Have A Dream – H.A.D. – a Venetian company that leads the way in research and innovation in eyewear – which combined their know-how and common interests to evolve the concept behind eyewear.


Right from the very beginning, MOMODESIGN has been synonymous with fabulous design, Italian style, and innovation.

This brand holds strong ties to its roots, whilst remaining contemporary and innovative at the same time. It has been able to understand and anticipate market trends, by aiming for quality and innovation, as well as continually experimenting with new aesthetic/functional concepts.

This Italian brand is known all over the world for its iconic product, the “helicopter pilot” demi-jet motorcycle helmet, as well as for its recognisable style that is closely linked with the conceptualisation of design, and whose aesthetic style is timeless no matter how often the fashions change.

The brand has a strong identity and its own philosophy. Its values have remained unchanged over the years and have been a permanent focus of the strategy that the company’s president, Marco Cattaneo, wanted to implement.