The Maserati Eyewear collection, in perfect accordance with the brand’s philosophy, is an elegant sophisticated line with a contemporary classic inspiration, luxury and sportiness, innovation and functionality.

Study and research of exclusive characteristics to give uniqueness and distinctive character to the product.

The collection is divided into 3 families GranLusso is undoubtedly the most classic soul of the brand, more linked to its origins, to the territory and to Italian culture, luxury and elegance Dandy is the most contemporary soul of the new Brand vision, is focused on the care for the details it’ very connected with an Italian aptitude of “avere gusto” having good taste, and very connected with Fashion. V8 the most extreme soul that brings the Brand towards the more race spirit, a mix of luxury comfort and sportiness.


In the early 1900s , Alfieri, Ettore, Ernesto and Bindo, brothers united by alove and an unrelenting passion for precision engineering, speed and innovation, opened the Officine Alfieri Maserati in the heart of the MOTOR VALLEY.

Their vision, enthusiasm and expertise turned out to be the cornerstones of what would one day become a global brand, universally recognized as a symbol of motoring excellence which developed two unique souls over time: the luxurious and the sporty. This is Maserati’s story.


Iconic and immediately recognizable, the Maserati Trident logo was designed by artist Mario Maserati. It draws inspiration from the statue of Neptune in Bologna’s Piazza Maggiore.


A pioneering brand, Maserati sees the future as a land of opportunity, to create, reshape, re-envision. True greatness lies in the willingness to outperform oneself.

Maserati crafts cars of outstanding beauty and power, permeated with what is known as Italian style: a unique combination of refined taste and creative prowess, that knows no equal anywhere in the world.

Today, Maserati delivers just that, ensuring all the brand’s knowledge and taste is distilled in each and every one of its creations.

Build luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors, and effortless, signature sounding power.