More than products, real bearers of value.

Differenti  in design, materials and their impact.
Identical in their capacity of expressing the value of the different brands.

Resistance, lightness, non-deformable: 100% functionality for performance and comfort.

Fashion-mood, up-to-date design and new colors. “Appearing” becomes “being”.

Carbon fiber, titanium, wood, horn used alone or in surprising combinations. Innovation is in every choice.

High quality lenses, with a trendy and stilish design and elevate attention to details. Long lasting quality, the products used comply with the applicable essential health and safety requirements provided for by Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and with the harmonized standards EN ISO 12312-1: 2013 and EN ISO 12312-1: 2013 / A1: 2015.

Stainless steel create models with unique features. High mechanic performances  and elevate resistance to corrosion. An everlasting material, recyclable, used where beauty, resistance and cleanliness are very important.

Acetates come from “Mazzucchelli 1849”, worldwide leader and most qualified partner of fashion designers and worldwide-famous brands.

Horn , a 100% natural, prestigious and exclusive material. Variation in hues and graduations of color are characteristics that reveal the authenticity and individuality of the material: each piece is unique. Horn is not only comfortable to wear, but also an excellent option for anyone with skin allergies.

Titanium is a metallic element that is well known for its characteristics, its main features are:

Lightness and Resistance


Non- allergenic


The main features of the carbon fiber are: high mechanical strength, lightness, strength, temperature variations and resistance to the effect of corrosive chemical agents.
The objects made of carbon fiber, compared to those made with traditional materials, such as steel and aluminum, are stronger and more resistant, but at the same time have a much lower weight.
The main goal is to lighten the finished product while improving its mechanical characteristics.